Revcode Referral Program – Earn up to 25%!

We have just added a referral program which lets you earn up to 25% per purchase of a referred customer.


As a customer:

  • You will receive points worth 25% of your purchase.

As a referrer:

  • First level: You will earn 25% points worth the product that has been purchased by the customer.
  • Second level users (users who have been referred by a user you have referred) will get you 20%.
  • Level 3: 15%
  • Level 4: 10%
  • Level 5: 5%
  • Level 6: 2%

Start referring now and earn points!

How does it work?

Navigate to , sign up for the referral program and start sending the link to users you’d like to refer. That’s it!



How to redeem?

Points can be redeemed in our shop to buy products.