Client was connected and then rapidly disconnected

This could happen to C++ and the Visual Basic 6 client. This is most likely a remote issue caused by the target PC.

There is no reason to bother opening up a ticket for this, since this issue is out of staffs control.

Few reasons why this could’ve happened:

1. An anti-virus software has detected and blocked the WebMonitor client.

2. A firewall on the target PC, router or other gateway as blocked the connection from the WebMonitor client to RevCode servers.

3. A third party application on the target PC interfered with the WebMonitor client.

4. It’s important to keep in mind that the WebMonitor client for Windows uses a technology called Mutex ( Shortly, Mutex will allow only one instance of your WebMonitor client to run on a target PC the same time. For example, if you’ve used a third party application to modify the client, and it turned out that the client didn’t connect, it could still be running in the background on the target PC with the mutex, terminating any new client you try to run on it. To resolve this, you may wish to run the removal tool on the target PC [RevCode Removal Tool: (password:]. Note: there is no guarantee that the Removal tool will successfully remove the client from the target system. It could fail if the client was heavily modified or obfuscated. RevCode does not offer any support in cases where a client was tampered with.


There is currently no “quick fix” for this issue. You might want to consider configuring the target PC as to comply with the above steps.