Is WebMonitor compatible with Protectors/Crypters?

Technically, WebMonitor is compatible with almost any Protector/Crypter.
You will need to use a fully Native Protector/Crypter then, and not .NET.
Some Protectors/Crypters are coded/programmed in .NET and claiming support for Native executables.
That is true, but will not be fully compatible with WebMonitor as most of its plugins may not operate as intended.
Therefore, it’s suggested to use a Protector/Crypter that is fully coded/programmed in a native programming language, such as C/C++, Delphi, VB6, ASM, etc.

Note: WebMonitor does not endorse illicit intentions of using a third party applications with our applications, i.e. Protectors/Crypters, but solely for educational, research and personal purposes.
Detected violation of the terms may result in a suspension of your service(s).


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