Run WebMonitor in Virtual Machine

The -vm switch only has to be run once, and then it will not bother you and show up after restart, so it’s a solid way to use it with Virtual Machines.

To run the WebMonitor client with the -vm command line argument/switch, open command line prompt by clicking on the Windows flag on the left buttom corner, type cmd and press Enter. The command line prompt/CMD should now show up. Another way to open the command line prompt/CMD is to press on the Windows flag on your keyboard and R, type cmd in the text field followed to Enter or click OK.

Next step is to locate the exe command line prompt/CMD window and add the command line argument/switch -vm after the filename.
An easier way to do this is by dragging and dropping the WebMonitor executable (.exe) and in the command line prompt/CMD window and type -vm after it so that it looks something like this: C:\Users\UESERNAME\Desktop>3b13d9363a7298c9f318560bcb676192.exe -vm
Please, notice the space between the WebMonitor executable filename and the command line argument/switch -vm.