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No complex setup

No need to install anything. Control your devices from a browser from any device. (Desktop, Tablet, Phone)

Android Administration

You may control Android Devices with WebMonitor Android.

No portforwarding

No hassle with port forwarding or a complex setup. Click & Go.

WebMonitor Android is a very powerful, user friendly, state-of-the-art monitoring, cellphone spying and controlling tool. You may control, spy, and monitor your devices with WebMonitor Android from any device. No installation or configurations are required. WebMonitor Android does not require root for any of the features.

WebMonitor Android provides realtime obvervation, and control over your android devices with over +20 features that include
GPS Tracking, Keylogging, Audio recording, Taking pictures (front and back camera), Accessing the device files, Viewing the whole image gallery, and much more.

WebMonitor Android is a very unique remote monitoring service/cellphone spy tool. As of today, there is absolutely no competition to its design, technology, graphical Web-based interface and range of features. The Web interface is a remote administration software inside the Web browser itself.

This makes it perfectly possible to use the WebMonitor Android from a mobile device as well.

WebMonitor Android save you the hassle of having to access your router in order to forward necessary ports for incoming traffic.
You do absolutely not have to download or install anything on your Device in order to get started with WebMonitor Android.
All you need is a Web browser, meaning you could be using any type of device having a modern Web browser.

WebMonitor Android makes it easy for anyone, beginners and professionals, to completely monitor any of your owned Android-based devices for purposes ranging from keeping your children safe to monitoring your employees.

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