WebMonitor Tor Client (PC)

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The WebMonitor Tor client executable (.exe) has been developed for you who take the privacy and security of your business extra serious. The Tor client utilizes the Tor network to connect to Revcode’s servers, ensuring high privacy and security for sensible clients.

The WebMonitor Tor client comes preconfigured, requires no setup, isn’t different from the standard WebMonitor client executable and can be generated from your panel once payment has been confirmed.

Technical data

Certain oppressive countries may block Internet access to parts of the western world, which may cause connection difficulties. However, the Tor client will typically solve those issues.

Enable administration of your devices within dictatorships, repressive regimes, and restrictive countries with repressive tendencies.

  • Tor keeps the data traffic between you and your clients safe from clearweb MITM-attacks.
  • Tor can protect data traffic between you and your clients from irresponsible corporations.
  • Tor can protect your clients freedom, integrity and the human right of freedom of speech.


Click here to read more about who use Tor and why you may wish to consider it.

Below follows a simple illustration of the connection schema of the WebMonitor Tor client:


As can be seen, the WebMonitor Tor client connects to the Revcode server (Destination) via several nodes (in this case 3, but can be much more).

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