Refund Policy

Your purchase of Revcode services shall be regulated by this Refund Policy.




Should you encounter technical issues with any of your purchased services that Revcode isn’t able to resolve, then you may be eligible for a refund in accordance with the table outlined further below. Before continuing, it’s important to bear in mind that a refund can only be issued when a technical issue isn’t resolvable by Revcode.

By experience, the majority of our few received refund claims do actually end up being resolved by Revcode, without settling a refund. By that said, our Support Team will not let you down should they be given a chance to help you out. To contact our Support Team, please log in to your panel and submit a ticket to a suitable department.


Information regarding European Consumer Protection Rights and Law

Revcode is subject to European consumer protection laws. However, since the services provided by Revcode are categorized as digital goods/services, your right to a refund differs from physical goods.
Below follows a few paragraphs as can be read on the Europa website for Consumer Protection with respect to digital goods and services (Click here for more information):

– “If you purchase digital content – such as music or a video online – you cannot withdraw once downloading or streaming has started, if you have given your consent and acknowledged that you will forfeit your right of withdrawal once the performance has started.”

– “You cannot cancel a subscription for digital content once downloading is under way, if you have given your consent and acknowledged that you will thereby forfeit your right of withdrawal from the subscription.”

As a customer, you’ve explicitly read and accepted the Terms of Service, which references to this Refund Policy.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that Revcode may still agree to issue a refund. Continue reading below for more information.


Below follows a list of typical unacceptable grounds for a refund.

Revcode WebMonitor

You may only claim a refund for your first subscription, meaning you will not receive a refund if you already have extended the subscription for your service.

  1. If you’ve ordered additional subscription(s), then NO refund will be issued.
  2. Product was purchased accidentally.
  3. Your refund may be issued only once. If you buy another Revcode subscription later on, then it can’t be merged with the same refund request.
  4. Client is not undetectable. Revcode is a legal company, and unfortunately, false-positive detections may occur in this field of business. Revcode works hard to co-operate with software security-based companies to rectify false-positive detections.
  5. WebMonitor client is not invisible to the user. Keep in mind that Revcode is company. Hiding WebMonitor features or applications completely on the installed device may be considered illegal, hence why it has to remain visible to a certain extent, in compliance with local laws.
  6. Client device has lost its private encryption key, which has resulted in loss of data, temporary loss of access to the user’s control panel or any other inconveniences for the user.
  7. Client device is running on an unsupported operating system. Generally, WebMonitor is fully compatible with all Windows versions starting from XP and up.
  8. Client device loses communication with Revcode servers due to the absence or instability of its Internet access, factory reset, updates, or for any other reason caused by the Client device.
  9. The WebMonitor application is flagged by security software as harmful software. Please, be assured that this is NOT the case. WebMonitor is NOT a malware and the detection is rather a false-positive. Unfortunately, it may take weeks to several months for antivirus engines to learn that new programs are safe.
  10. WebMonitor doesn’t perform or operate as expected. A trial is available for everyone to ensure satisfaction prior to purchase.
  11. WebMonitor doesn’t include one or more features that were not already listed on the product page. A trial is available for everyone to ensure satisfaction prior to purchase.
  12. WebMonitor is performing slow, not as fast as Customer had expected or high latency. Note: High speeds are best achieved with lower latency (shorter distance between Customer and WebMonitor servers) and fast connection speed. Furthermore, RevCode has no control over the speeds between your devices.
  13. The software are executable (.exe) is not compatible with a third party application, such as a protector/crypter. You are responsible for ensuring the compatibility of any third party application that you with wish to use with any of our services.
  14. The WebMonitor application isn’t operating while the user has logged off or while the system is locked. This is technically only possible for services.
  15. The Client device is not owned by you, or you didn’t receive consent to access the Client device in order to install the Client software on it.
  16. One or more features do not function as expected as a result of using a third party application, such as a protector/crypter. You are advised to always test the feature(s) without the use of a third party application before proceeding with a refund request.
  17. Customer does not follow the installation guidelines received from customer support, via email or telephone call.
  18. Customer does not accept technical assistance.
  19. Customer intended to use WebMonitor on a number of Clients exceeding the maximum allowed connections per subscription.
  20. Customer intended to use WebMonitor with a virtual machine. WebMonitor is not compatible with virtual machines and that has been clearly set forth, not least in the Terms of Service.
  21. Customer regretting their purchase, made a purchase by mistake or the purchased service was never used/rarely used.
Subscription ProlongationNot Refundable
UpgradesRefund can’t be issued for upgrades


Refund procedure

You are required to submit your refund request with a ticket from your account along with relevant payment information. In case your refund is approved, then please note that refunds to payments made by credit card have a 2.5% fee (per each transaction) deducted from the refunded amount as those fees are automatically charged by banks and payment gateways.



In the event of a chargeback by a credit card company (or similar action by another payment provider allowed by us) in connection with your purchase of any service(s) provided by Revcode, you agree that we may permanently terminate your service(s) and erase all of its data.

Any fees being applied as the result of a chargeback or any other payment disputes caused by you, your bank, a payment gateway, or disputes that require accounting or legal services shall be covered by you, the customer.

Our current reinstatement fee for credit/debit card payments is 15 (EURO).