No complex setup

No need to install anything. Control your devices from a browser from any device. (Desktop, Tablet, Phone)

Android & PC Administration

You may control PCs and Android Devices with WebMonitor. Both (PC & Android Control) are included.

No portforwarding

No hassle with port forwarding or a complex setup. Click & Go.

Over 70 Features to control your PC and Android devices from a PC or from a mobile device.

PC Features

Take snapshots and stream and control the remote desktop.

Remote control is included meaning you can also move the mouse, drag items, click, and write using your keyboard.

All that from a browser. That’s amazing isn’t it?

Take snapshots and stream the remote webcam securely.

All of our channels are fully secured meaning fully encrypted. Noone except you be able to see the stream.

No portforwarding is required for any of our features.

Full remote control.

Over 17 System features to control the system.

  • Information
  • Process Manager
  • CMD / Shell
  • Services
  • Windows List
  • Remote Registry
  • Connections
  • Battery info
  • Drivers
  • Internal Activity
  • Firmtables
  • Win Logon Activity
  • Windows Update List
  • MUI Cache
  • Security Software List
  • Startup view

Run CMD Commands, add, edit or remove registry entries, minimize, maximize windows, and much more.

Audio recording.

Continously record the audio of your devices.

Manage your audio records in our playlist and autoplay new audio records to hear everything you need to hear.

File explorer.

Upload, rename, download, delete, and execute files with ease.

All of this made possible via our super intuitive and user friendly file explorer.

Full control over your applications.

List all applications and remove them on demand.

Aside of that there are many more features to keep track of your applications.

  • App crash log
  • Injected DLLs List
  • Loaded DLLs List
  • Installed Codecs List

Reverse proxy.

Use the reverse proxy to surf over the internet connection of your devices.

A video of the reverse proxy can be found here.

Get keylogs and live stream the keyboard.

All of this made possible via our super intuitive interface.

No hassle. Just click & go!

Full control over your browsers.

Keep full track of your browsers activities. Among of the browser history you can obtain the Image Cache and the list of installed browser addons.

Keep track of your browser activity with ease.

Recover your passwords from over +50 Applications.

For a full list of what passwords WebMonitor is capable of restoring click here.

Recover passwords from mail, messengers,network and the system. 

Clipboard manager.

Keep full track of the clipboard activity,

Get and Export the clipboard data with only one click.

TCP Analyze.

 Also known as TCP Sniffer.

Analyze the traffic of your devices.

Android Features

Track your devices.

Get to know the location of your devices.

Track your devices continously with only one click.

Log all activity on your device.

No root is required. All applications are logged.

Keylogs can be exported & downloaded.

Keep track of all calls.

Keep track of all calls. All calls are recorded.

Calls are recorded and can be downloaded.

Keep track of all SMS.

Includes from whom, to whom, the date and the content of the message.

Get all SMS of the device with only one click.

System information

Get to know all essential information about your device.

Audio recording.

Continously record the audio of your android devices.

Manage your audio records in our playlist and autoplay new audio records to hear everything you need to hear.

Control the camera of the device

Take snapshots of the front or back camera.

File explorer

Manage the files of the device.

Download, Upload or delete files.

Media gallery.

Download all of the media gallery of your devices and preview the contents.

Get contacts.

Get all contacts of the device.

Includes Name, Phone Number(s) and photo.

Wifi networks.

Includes SSID, BSSID, Frequency and RSSI.

Get all WiFi networks nearby the device.

Get notifications.

This includes messages from Signal, Viber, Instagram, Whatsapp, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Get all notifications of the device.

Control your devices from a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

WebMonitor is completely optimized for any device. It can be used from a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. It even works for the smallest devices.

User management & collaboration

Add up to 3 users per account. Manage credentials up to the finest bit to make sure your users can only access what you want them to access.